Guide to Fear of Being Judged

A person who has a fear of being judged persistently avoid social meeting. This fear disconnects their lives from their workplace, schools, and other necessary activities. It’s a negative evaluation; fear of being judged makes it difficult to survive in Society and face social anxiety disorder. This fear is most common in our sounding.

Every second and third person has a fear of being judged. Just imagine that you can give your best performance, but by being anxious, you perform poorly and lose to achieve your life goal. Are you afraid of being judged or always avoiding public meetings? To solve the queries stay with us because we will help you to remove your fear.

Fear of being judged

How to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged?

The negative evaluation can become worse and affect your performance. The following steps will help you to overcome judgment fear.

Find Your Fear of Being Judged

It is very important to find the severity of fear in yourself. Fear is good for us because it helps to protect us from harm. However, if it is severe, it badly affects your life. So, to check its severity level, use FNE Scale.

he average score on FNE Scale shows a high chance of handling your fear. A high score on this scale makes a challenging situation for you. It’s the 1st step to overcoming the fear. Knowing how much severity you have in yourself is very important.

List the Different Things That Provoke a Fearful

After the confirmation on the FNE scale:

  1. Find the worse things in your life.
  2. List all the judgment fear on a page and rate them out of 10.
  3. Write ten different forms of judgmental fear on 10 cards and give the number based on its severity.

It’s the best way to know the extremely fearful situation.

Write Affirmation

Knowledge about different types of critical severity, write the affirmations. It will help you to create self-confidence and self-worth. Recognizing your internal abilities helps to relieve your anxiety. Once you perform, your abilities help you to remove the judgmental fear.

The practice of feeling okay (say yes)

It builds your confidence and performance once you face the situation and feels okay. The next time, you perform better. Practice this experience in different circumstances and feel okay.

Sometimes you should set a small goal facing challenging situations. Make small mistakes to create embarrassing situations. After that moment, you will be more assertive and handle challenging situations easily.

Face the Situation

Most students can’t face the situation due to their shy natures. Judgment fears poorly affect their goal. This worry always busts your performance. It works like a cover graphic arising in the middle and slowly returning.

The same happens once a student start presentation. He is fluttering and scared, but with time things come original state. Then the next time, its intensity becomes less.

Listed negative assumptions

If you feel that other people are judging you, ask them if they say you are stupid or boring. Ask them for proof. Sometimes you always notice only native things. Just think about how many times you think positive.

Ask your inner that why not do anything. All people make mistakes. You are one of many who will do this.

Conversation in Front of the Mirror.

It is the best way to know your inner critic and build self-confidence. Stand in front of the mirror and conversate like a friend. Ask the questions, what comes to your mind? Answer these questions as your friend.

Give recommendations to ourselves as a friend. In this way, you can easily remove your conflicts. It is also the best way to get the possible alternative solution to resolving fear.

Fear of being judged

6 ways to Stop the Fear of Being Judged

  1. Don’t talk to that person whose presence makes you insecure.
  2. Stop thinking that if I do any act, what the other people think and feel about me.
  3. It would be best to be self-confident because nobody has the right to comment on your look.
  4.  Don’t assume that everyone is judging you because nobody has enough time for Judgment.
  5. If someone judges you, then it’s not a big deal because everyone has their liking and disliking. In this way, you don’t make your personality according to all. You can make happy to all.
  6. Always think about your liking and ignore other comments.

Judgmental fear cause Social Withdrawal

Due to the fear of being judged, people adopt the social withdrawal station. In this condition, a person avoids people and almost all necessary activities and ultimately faces isolation.

Individuals like isolation and have the urge to stay away from people and Society, which turns them into Depression. We can say that social Withdrawal is the main reason for Depression.

The social draw is strongly associated with the lowest self-esteem and rejection.

Other Causes of Fear of Being Judged

Here are some Main reasons for social Withdrawal in an individual.

Anxiety disorder automatically creates judgment fear.

Depression causes isolation, and individuals are naturally cut off from Society.

Psychotic disorders include personality disorders and schizophrenia. These disorders mostly lead to serial killers and they hate people.

Autism spectrum disorder may affect after childhood. Because autistic children also have restricted liking, they never talk to anyone except their closest person.

Some other factors may also be a reason for the social withdrawal condition. These factors are naturally present in a person’s personality.

  • Low self-esteem distorts self-confidence, and a person likes living alone.
  • Helplessness or sadness causes more withdrawal conditions in an individual.
  • A shy personality always harms self-esteem and confidence.
  • Angry people mostly live alone, and people dislike them due to their aggression.
  • People who cannot maintain relationships always avoid talking with the unknown.
  • Fear of being just and fear of being rejected.

Fear of being judged

Treatment for Fear

Here are some important techniques that help to overcome such situations.


Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT) is the best way to remove social anxiety.

CBT for Social Anxiety and Judgment fear

CBT helps to identify irrational beliefs and change these beliefs into realistic thoughts. To change your thoughts, you work on the client’s problems in different areas.

  • Works on a person’s guilt, embarrassment, and anger
  • Teach them mindfulness techniques.
  • Discuss perfectionism and make them realistic.
  • Deal with the stuck beliefs as irrational thoughts that lead to fear.
  • Work on mistaken beliefs that everyone is judging them.
  • We can also call it cognitive restructuring. In which therapists restructure their false and irrational beliefs.


The cognitive technique helps to learn less fear and control the social situation. People have automatic negative thoughts. So in this technique, we teach them step by step, facing fear and facing reality at the end.

For example, a student has a fear of presentation. Using this technique, make the situation, imagine them embarrassing, and slowly remove the fear.

It all depends on the client’s condition. If he has extremely severe social anxiety, then you being imagine them progressing to the real state. But if he has less fear, the therapist can explore them in real situations.

Social Skills Training

The social skills training involves the following three things to decrease social anxiety.

  • Modelling
  • rehearsal
  • Role-playing

In this training, the therapist helps the client with all the above techniques, eye contact, and conversation. The therapist gives proper training in assertiveness. With the help of all, the client can face the Society.


Fear is naturally present in an individual personality that may exaggerate due to some irrelevant factor. Especially parenting and Society play an important role in creating extreme fear in any person’s life. Mostly, the fear of being judged becomes worse for a person, and they cannot live a normal life.

So, it would help if you got treatment timely from a therapist. Otherwise, this fear becomes chronic. Chronic anxiety may change, a psychotic disease that is the most dangerous in your life. It will destroy life. But don’t worry. The above-given techniques help you to overcome your fear.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Here are some important questions that may arise in your mind.

Q no 1: Is Social anxiety a mental disorder?

Yes, it can; it all depends on its severity. Even it can be a chronic mental illness if you never bother the client’s condition.

Q no 2: What is the main cause of social anxiety?

People and the world around you are the main roots of anxiety. Due to the bad comments, clients lose self-confidence and think about stupid things.

Q no 3: Why is social anxiety very common?

It builds up in a person’s childhood. Parents also become the reason for anxiety disorder because they ignore building a strong personality for their child, and automatically their character becomes shy. Moreover, Society affects the child’s personality, and he grows up with social fear. Somehow, the experiences lose their self-worth and confidence.

Q no 4: Which chemical imbalance cause social anxiety?

Serotonin neurotransmitter disturbance causes mood regulation. It is a reason for social anxiety disorder.

Q no 5: What and how are questions asked of clients with anxiety?
  • You ask the client how anxiety affects in day to day in their life. Ask about their experiences and how they feel.
  • Ask the shy things in themself.
  • Check their body language.
  • Refrain from interrupting them during the assessment.
  • Avoid personal questions.




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