Enjoy a Life with Balanced Health Triangle

Can you imagine a triangle with one uneven shape? Of course, you can’t! Because it won’t look like a triangle anymore. That is our health triangle, and it needs to be balanced for a healthy life.

Catherine Pulsifer quotes,

In all aspects of our lives, balance is vital. Doing one thing too much can cause upset; as the old saying goes, “Everything in moderation is the secret!”

The above quote shows the importance of balance in life. This is our focus topic. A person with a balanced health triangle can be free of all problems. You only need proper instructions for everything.

Suppose you need to learn about the health triangle. How does it relate to our life? How can it be improved? So trust me, you are not alone. What are we for? We are here to give you perfect help and guidance.

So we want to make sure you understand. Let’s talk about the health triangle. It is the visual structure of the three most important aspects of life. WHO ( World Health Organization) proposed the concept of the health triangle.

3 Sides of Health Triangle

The compelling health triangle depends on three parts. The parts are Social health, physical health, and mental health.

All the details need to be balanced to have a well-being life. We all have learned to focus on physical health. But it is not enough.

A person with a balanced health triangle needs to balance all parts—physical health to ensure the flawless operation of the body. Mental health is the ability to deal with different moods. And social health ensures how we deal with people and surroundings.

As we have discussed in the article, all parts are connected. It means if physical health is disturbed, social health will impact it. The most relatable example of social health is relationships.

A person who deals with healthy and strong relationships will be mentally healthy. But if the connection bothers them, they will be mentally disturbed. To put light on the health triangle, we have some words from Rakesh Sethi;

“Food and drinks are not only food we take in; emotion and thoughts are also food for us.”

A compelling health triangle is simply the balance of all parts. Reread this!

Balance is treating each piece equally. You cannot focus on physical health and leave the other two. On the same note, you should not focus on mental health and ignore the other two parts.

Balanced Health Triangle

Balanced Health Triangle-Characteristics of a Physically Healthy Person


You got the concept of the health triangle. Let’s focus on each side briefly. Let’s talk about your favorite part—physical health. Physical health is not only about gaining a sound body and muscles.

A physically healthy person is fit. But there are some other responsibilities of a person with physical health. Which are:

Normal Weight

A healthy person must have a balanced weight. Girls, if you are trying to be 45 kg at 5’6 height. It would help if you stopped because a healthy weight should be according to elevation. 

Clear Skin

It is not about Korean glass skin. Please don’t buy expensive products that make your skin worse. But yes! A healthy person’s skin has some natural glow.

Healthy Eyes

A doctor continuously checks your eyes before diagnosing your disease. You must know eyes reflect not only feelings but also your health.

Well, these parts are external. But there are some internal factors of physical health. These are;

  • Balanced blood pressure.
  • The rate of respiration should be normal.
  • Heart rate should be below 60 beats.
  • The glucose level must be normal.

Physical Activity’s Role in a Balanced Health Triangle and Mental Wellness

After getting the concept of physical health, let’s talk about the connection between physical and mental health. No wonder physical activity makes you fit. 

But what is the internal influence of physical activity? Physical health benefits your body as well as the mind. How are they both connected? How will one affect another?

If you are a gym lover, you will relate to this. If you work out, you will feel an instant kind of happiness. Why is it so? 

Because the active body releases chemicals in our brain, the names of the chemicals are dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Those chemicals increase our self-confidence and improve our mental health.

But don’t worry if you are not a gym person. You can do any kind of activity that makes you happy. You can do walking, dance or do smaller exercises at home. You are not supposed to push yourself. You can take smaller steps.

A person with a balanced health triangle needs to know one thing. Physical health is directly proportional to mental health. Scientists have proved that increasing physical activity makes you happy. Now you know what to do!

Balanced Health Triangle

Creating a Well-Balanced Health Triangle

Here comes the most underrated side. We have ignored social health all our life. But it is high time, and we need to focus on this part. Once again, social health is maintaining healthy relationships with everyone around us.

Maintenance of good social health is important for the wellness of the body. Scientists have proved that social health is important for a stress-free life, a balanced heart rate, and long life.

There are some social determinants of health. These determinants are composed by WHO to get the concept. Social determinants of health items are grouped into five categories which are

  1.   Education quality and access (job opportunities, good education with no discrimination)
  2.   Social and community context (no racism, discrimination, and violence)
  3.   Built environment and neighborhood (safe housing with no domestic violence)
  4.   Economic stability (pure water and air)
  5.   Health care access and quality (access to food and physical activities opportunities such as gym)

Let’s have a look at how social health is related to health. Suppose you live in a home with domestic violence. It will have a higher impact on your brain.

Ultimately if your brain is disturbed, you will not be able to focus on anybody’s activity. That’s how a person with a balanced health triangle deals with everything.

Maintain a Balanced Health Triangle

Now you have all the concepts of the health triangle. Now let’s be a person with a balanced health triangle. As you know, it is a balance of physical health, mental health, and social health.


So first of all, you need to do an assessment test. The health assessment test answers questions related to all three sides of the triangle.

  1.   You eat healthy food. You don’t skip your breakfast
  2.   You get enough sleep, and you sleep on time daily.
  3.   You don’t take any kind of harmful drugs
  4.   Your blood pressure, glucose level, and cholesterol level are normal
  5.   Your skin and eyes are healthy.

Mental Health

  1.   You feel confident about yourself.
  2.   You don’t take people’s bad comments seriously.
  3.   You enjoy doing one physical activity
  4.   You can express yourself without thinking about others.

Social Health

  1.   You have a small quality friend circle.
  2.   Your friends and family members support you every time
  3.   You can share anything with your friends.

Mark these questions in the test and check your results. If you have all the yes, then congratulations; you have a balanced health triangle. But if you have one or two, no. You must work on that point to get an effective health triangle.


So the effective health triangle is important for health and wellness. We have mentioned health and wellness many times. What is the difference between wellness and health? There is no wellness v/s health. Both are interlinked. Health is the capability of the body to function properly.

Do you want to be a person with a balanced health triangle? All you need is to follow the guidelines mentioned above. Keep the consistency and see the result.

Q. 1. What does it mean to have a balanced health triangle?

Ans. The concept of a balanced health triangle refers to three interwoven dimensions of well-being: physical health, mental/emotional health, and social health. These factors are all equally vital and contribute to overall wellness.

Q. 2. Why is it important to have a balanced health triangle?

Ans.  A balanced health triangle is essential for overall well-being. It guarantees that all aspects of health are effectively addressed—physical, mental/emotional, and social—promoting a healthier and happier living.

Q. 3. What is the triangle of good health?

Ans. Physical health, mental health, and social health are the three pillars that make up the triangle of good health. All of these elements work together to form a triangle, representing the harmony necessary for good health.

Q. 4. How do you use the health triangle in a sentence?

Ans. Regular exercise is important for physical health, stress management is important for mental and emotional health, and nurturing strong relationships is important for social health.


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