How to Stop Dissociation

How To Stop Dissociation?

It’s a challenging question: How to stop dissociation? Try to stop Dissociation by practicing some techniques. A ground plan always be present to eliminate it. If you’re struggling with Dissociation, it’s best to consult the most experienced psychologist, who can provide personalized guidance and support. Here are some ways to stop Dissociation.

  1. Get professional help
  2. Use a routine grounding technique 
  3. Create a safe environment
  4. Give priority to self-care practices
  5. Try to reduce stress
  6. Increase socialization 
  7. Never substance abuse

Stop Dissociating

Stop Dissociation-What is it?

If you want to stop Dissociating, you should know about Dissociation and its disorder. Dissociation disorder is a mental process that disconnects you from your world and senses. It affects your memory, identity, perception, and even yourself.

Its symptoms may exist for some hours, days, or weeks. We can say that Dissociation disorder causes an extremely troubling condition such as schizophrenia. It is also known as Multiple personality disorder. 

Dissociation Disorder is a severe and chronic form of Dissociation; otherwise, both are the same. 

Types of Dissociative Disorder

Dissociative Disorder is a broad term for 3 main parts of our personality. It has three types

  1. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
  2. Dissociative Amnesia (DA)
  3. Depersonalization or derealization disorder

1. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

In this Dissociative Identity Disorder, the person has multiple personalities at a time. The sifting of various characters is the opposite, and every alert has a different history. 

2. Dissociative Amnesia

In Dissociative Amnesia (DA) type, the person forgets the most profound life information, such as their childhood, identity, life history, etc.

3.Dissociative Depersonalization or Derealization (DP&R )

In depersonalization, the person is reattached to their own body, feeling, or emotions. And in derealization, he or she detaches  ones self from the environment. 

stop dissociation

Identifying the Symptoms of Dissociation Disorder 

  • They have 2,3 or multiple personalities in an individual. He forgets all things after role shifting. As he forgets his past life’s work, thinking, feeling, everything. 
  • They feel no pain. 
  • Face a memory gap; they tend to forget certain events. 
  • Unable to remember their life history, even forget their own identity. 
  • Their identity can shift and change. After turning, they adopted another role. They communicate in different tones, voices, names, and identities. 
  • Their personalities look their self from the outside. They create unusual boundaries between themselves and other people. 
  • Dissociative personalities feel they are separate from the world. They consider the world unreal. 
  • They speak of their life as a dream or the robotic life of others.
  • They consider the world lifeless or foggy. So they see shape, size, or colour changes.  
  • They might travel to an unfamiliar location after changing their role or identity.

Stop Dissociation- Finding the Causes First

According to APA, almost 90% of DID causes are childhood abuse and negligence. An unmanaged trauma in a child’s life can have a detrimental effect on their development. 

Research proves that DID risk level in women is nine times higher than in men. 

Risk Factors 

The traumatic events in a child’s life destroy their personality. Such children face Dissociation. They face such as kidnapping, Wars, or any disaster. If they are not adequately manageable, the children never forget these traumas. 

Here some Risks of complications are listed. These behaviour increase the difficulties in a person’s life. 

  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal ideations
  • Using drugs 
  • Comorbidity of depression and PTSD
  • Difficulty in daily meetings and going to work 
  • Also, facing any physical symptoms such as seizures. 

Best Way to Stop Dissociation

Here are some essential techniques that help to overcome the query of “how to stop dissociating?” 

1. Ground Yourself in the Present Moment

Practice ground exercises by focusing on anything. These techniques help you to calm yourself. It distracts your attention from Dissociation toward safety.

Grounding is a subtype of mindfulness technique in which a person diverts his attention toward his surrounding. Its primary purpose is to prevent you from overthinking and Dissociation.

Here are some easiest ways to ground yourself:

  • Focus on anything like paper, pencils, and a thing around you. 
  • You can give your attention to listing sounds, feel things, look objects, smells, and structures.
  • You can fix your five senses toward your body and surrounding. 
  • It is a simple way to spell any word without judgment, as you can spell the weather. You observe in simple one-word weather letters. such as W-E-A-T-H-E-R.
  • To divert your attention, count something as pictures, windows, furniture, etc. 
  • Move your body part and shift your attention. You can work for ten minutes, use your favourite exercise app, or jump 20 times.
  • You can hear your favorite music. An impressive voice without judgment distracts your attention.

2. Engage the Senses

Gives full attention to your senses. It will help to stop Dissociation. Follow the steps by step points and practice them. 

Practice the given instructions. 

  • Images of any five objects that are around d you.
  • Now, think about four things you can touch.
  • Focus on any three objects that you are hearing. 
  • Shift your attention to any two smelly objects. 
  • Recalls the most delicious taste. 

3. Breath Forcing Technique

When you feel Dissociation, pay full attention to your breath. It will also help to handle the situation.

Follow the instructions to use this technique. 

  1. Try two exercises and take 5,8 breaths. Hold your breath for five seconds after inhaling and exhaling. It is also called “Box-Breathing.” 
  2. First of all, get out the air from your lungs. 
  3. Count four to five seconds, and now inhale slowly through your nose.
  4. Now hold your breath and count from 1 to 5
  5. Hold your breath and exhale the breath from your mouth slowly.
  6. Breathe deeply, hold your breath, and count one to five.
  7. Do this activity five times daily. 
  8. The same instruction follows for the eight-time exercise.

Stop Dissociation

4. Find where you are in the Present Moment

In this technique, put your full attention on your present moment. As where you are standing. The chair on which you are sitting. It is the easiest way to overcome Dissociation.

Here are some examples to help you for its better understanding:

  • Divert your attention to where he is standing. What is the surface, the land, and the object? 
  • The client focuses on the location and the people around him. 

By doing this, that person can come back to his original state.

4. Watch the Dissociation Symptoms that are Familiar to Your Personality

Write down the signs, emotions, and feelings that you feel in various episodes. Write about daydreaming, familiar roads, and people, meetings. 

  • Also, write about everything happening in your life.
  • As write your sleeping time.
  • People are essential to your life. 

Focus on what’s your feeling when you dissociate. Focus on how you feel and what you think. Ask some questions of yourself. 

  1. What’s my feeling in the present?
  2. How do I feel about the world?
  3. What is happening with you?

5. Get Help Identifying When You Are Dissociating

It is tough to identify, but you can make it easy. People can help you recognize. They are flashbacking to remove your dissociative state. 

Follow the given 4 instructions on a daily basis. 

  • Get proper sleep
  • Do regular exercise
  • Practice ground techniques on a daily basis
  • Remove stress and anxiety

Multiple Personality Disorder Movies

Here are some famous movies explaining the full details of dissociation and how to stop it. The movies are listed below. 

Movies Name  Year of Release  Movie time duration
1 Split 2016 1 hour 75 minutes 
2 Identity 2003 1 hour 31m 
3 Secret Window 2004 1 hour 36
4 The Machinist 2004 1 hour 45m
5 Me, Myself&  Irene 2000 1 hour 56m
6 Glass 2019 2 hours 9m
7 Primal Fear 1996 2 hours 10m 
8 Who am I 2014 1 hour 56m
9 Shutter Island 2010 2 hours 48m 
10 Frankie &Alice 2010 1 hour 45m 
11 Fight Club 1999 2 hours 19m 
12 A Tale of two sisters 2003 1 hour 55m
13 The Ward 2010 1 hour 39m
14 Psycho 1960 1 hour 49m
15 Hereditary 2018 2 hours 7m
16 Night Hunter 2018 1 hour


This article provides information on “How to stop Dissociation?“. It also includes detailed information about dissociation symptoms. The primary cause of Dissociation is past traumatic events or any sexual harassment. 

An individual suffering from Dissociation is suffering from a very terrible traumatic experience. However, here are some monumental techniques that may help you.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Here are some interesting questions about dissociation identity disorder. 

Qno1: How do you judge your Dissociation?

You can judge by the following points

  • Memory loss detachment from your senses, emotions, and feelings
  • Your perception becomes unreal as dreamy
  • Steadily losing your sense of identity

Qno2: Is dose dissociation controllable?

It is not controllable. You manage it because it becomes a personality. 

Qno 3: What affected brain area is a reason for Dissociation?

Damage to nerve cells in the posteromedial cortex can cause Dissociation.  

Q no 4: What is a Psychotic disorder? Is DID psychotic or not?

In a psychotic disorder, a person loses their insight. They act abnormally, intact from reality. Yes, did is psychotic because it is abnormal in that a person loses his identity and lives a dreamy life. And also, having other symptoms mentioned above shows that it’s a psychotic disorder. 


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